We can help you with digitizing an image you would like to use on your own embroidererd items. Send us the image and we can tell you if we can a digitised verion of it or not.

There are some things to considere before sending the image to us.

Contrast of your image - is it clear to see what you are making

Resolution of your image - this will impact the size we can make. The smaller the picture with harder it will be to make.

If you are unclear please feel free to send it through to us and we will get back to you with our recomendations. We will always try to solve the problem for you if we can. Prices depend on time and effort to make the digitized image. The simpler an image the lower the cost.

An estimaded breakdown of costs are as follows.

Personal use only

If your image is custom to yourself only the prices will be in the following price range:

Burner silhouette S

Simple X


Valentine Clip Art 6013

Moderate X



Complex X (includes lace items)





If you choose to allow us to resell your digitized image, and it is not to custom, we will change you a flat rate of X. This allows others to also enjoy your image and make use of it on their own projects and crafts.


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